About Us

Witness the historic rebirth of our 1920’s speakeasy. The Speakeasy at the Spa is a nice compliment to our Spa Special Events Center located on the same property and allows patrons to continue their enjoyment at the Speakeasy before and after an event at the events center.

Speakeasys were numerous and popular during the Prohibition and although some were run by organized crime, many were owned by local business owners. Speakeasy owners utilized elaborate legal business ruses to allow patrons to gain entry into their establishments and the Speakeasy at the Spa has their own barbershop ruse. Al Capone not only ate and drank frequently at the Spa, he used the Little Calumet River to send liquor to the original Spa almost 90 years ago. The building still has a partial dock that was used by gin runner’s in the 20’s where they unloaded liquor into the basement storage area.

Adding to the charm of the Speakeasy at the Spa is tin ceilings, a 90 year-old horseshoe antique bar from a Chicago saloon and a Seaburg jukebox. The bar will be open 7 days a week from 4pm -11pm and later. The Speakeasy will feature live entertainment with a piano player and chanteuse performing old standards. Enjoy classic cocktails that were invented during Prohibition along with both domestic, craft and imported beers and wine.